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To the Moon: Snoopy Soars with NASA

May 14-August 29, 2021

In May of 1969, just before the first man landed on the moon, Snoopy soared through space with NASA’s Apollo 10 mission launching the beloved beagle’s role as an ambassador for the U.S. space program. Visitors will learn about the role the Peanuts characters played in NASA’s Manned Flight Awareness safety program. Displays feature a 1969 series of NASA-themed comic strips, official NASA photographs and video footage, posters, and Peanuts collectibles. Find out about NASA astronauts from Chicago and its suburbs including Apollo 10 lunar module pilot Eugene Cernan. Train like an astronaut by trying out the Astronauts Training Academy course located outdoors on the north side of the museum. Download our new mobile app to experience a family-friendly gallery activity while exploring the exhibit. A touring exhibit organized by the Charles M. Schulz Museum and Research Center, Santa Rosa, CA. Limit: 15 visitors allowed per hour, 5 people per group, face masks required.  
Thank you to our generous sponsors: Christopher Burke Engineering, Feze Roofing, Itasca Bank & Trust, Lakeside Bank, John Noldan/Guaranteed Rate and Suburban Bank & Trust.

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