Elmhurst Express Trolley


Experience Elmhurst like never before.

Running on Fridays & Saturdays from noon - midnight,
May 31st - September 14th. 

Looking for an adventure this summer? Look no further than the bustling town of Elmhurst, just 16 miles west of Chicago’s loop. Elmhurst is a vibrant, tree-lined community with thriving retail shops, fine dining, outstanding theater and art, excellent museums, and engaging events throughout the year. There’s always plenty of excitement in Elmhurst. 
Route: No tickets are needed to ride the Explore Elmhurst Express connecting downtown Elmhurst with the Spring Road business District and York and Vallette Business District. Special Explore Elmhurst signs will mark each stop. Parking is conveniently located near each trolley stop.


  1. York and Park Approximate boarding time: on the hour and 30 minutes after the hour
  2. York and Schiller Approximate boarding time: 5 and 35 minutes after the hour
  3. Second and Addison Approximate boarding time: 10 and 40 minutes after the hour
  4. Cottage Hill and Virginia Approximate boarding time: 15 and 45 minutes after the hour
  5. Spring and the Illinois Prairie Path Approximate boarding time: 20 and 50 minutes after the hour.
  6. York and Vallette Approximate boarding time: 25 and 55 minutes after the hour
Track the trolley!
Where's the trolley? Don't waste your time thinking about when the trolley will arrive at each stop. Track the trolley here!

Handicapped Accessibility: The Explore Elmhurst Express is handicapped accessible and ADA-compliant.

Strollers & Bikes: Strollers that collapse or fit into the seating area of the trolley are welcome on the trolley. If your stroller will not collapse, please leave it off the trolley. Bikes are not allowed on the trolley. The trolley does not have onboard storage and it is against fire code to place strollers or bikes in the aisle.

Explore Elmhurst Summer Sweepstakes:
Ask the trolley driver for a free ticket an enter-to-win weekly prizes while riding the trolley. See rules here.

Added Bonus! How well do you know Elmhurst? Trolley riders will learn about highlighted areas of the City through a trolley narrative. 

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LOST AND FOUND: Think you left something on the trolley?
The City contracts the trolley from Aries Charter. For information on lost and found items, please call the 24-hour trolley dispatch at (708) 243-6005.