September 1, 2024 is the 10th anniversary of the 'Cue for a Cause—the most delicious fundraiser in town! The ‘Cue is one of the most important fundraisers of the year for the Elmhurst Walk-In Assistance Network, which provides emergency assistance to our Elmhurst neighbors in need.

Competitors roll up their sleeves and roll out their grills to see who can deliver the winning barbecue—and they have fun doing it. 

But in this anniversary year, we’re adding an extra “throw down” to competitors who think they’ve got the top grill skills—



In 1992, BBQ Jim and his mother, Ruth Lawshe formed a competitive BBQ team … Wild Irish “Q”.

Within a few years … they were joined by Jim Sr. and brother-in-law, Bill Caron.

For the next 10 years, they competed in a number of BBQ competitions across the Midwest and the mid-south … amassing over 75 trophies and ribbons for their pit-master accomplishments.

Highlights of their decade of smoking successes include …

  • 5 time First Place, (Ribs, Brisket (2), Pork, Whole Hog) Illinois State Championships
  • Countless (2nd’s and 3rd’s) Illinois State Championships
  • Grand Championship, Iowa St. BBQ Championship (Whole Hog, Pork Shoulder
  • 2nd Place, Evansville BBQ Championship (Ribs)
  • 2nd Place (Brisket) Memphis in May World Championship 
  • 3rd Place (Seafood) Memphis in May World Championship


If you think you think you have what it takes to “Beat BBQ Jim”, this is the year to do it!

Submit your ribs to go head-to-head against BBQ Jim and win 50% of the “Beat BBQ Jim” competition proceeds.  If Jim wins, ALL “Beat BBQ Jim” go to EWAN to help us help families in Elmhurst!

Competitors can add a “Beat BBQ Jim” enhancement to their general ‘Cue competitor (ribs) registration, or they may compete solely in the “Beat BBQ Jim” category.

Register to compete at or scan the QR code





photos by Tim Radcliff