Elmhurst Choral Union

Inspired singers.  Moving music.

Elmhurst Choral Union is an outstanding auditioned chorus performing choral masterworks with full professional orchestra and pro soloists.

ECU sings timeless and rare music by composers of all eras.

Elmhurst Choral Union gives two major concerts in Hammerschmidt Chapel each season:  in early December and in late April.  

Each February, singers from ECU let their hair down with a fun mini-concert of solos and duets from Broadway, jazz, and pop, held at First United Methodist Church of Elmhurst.

Elmhurst Choral Union Chamber Singers is a smaller group from the ensemble, and is available for appearances.

For information on our professional performances in a community environment, close to home, visit elmhurstchoralunion.org

About singing with Elmhurst Choral Union

Elmhurst Choral Union offers a unique experience to singers who enjoy the thrill of singing masterpieces with a full orchestra.

Singers, here’s your chance to perform exciting and challenging music in a supportive and friendly environment.

Elmhurst Choral Union auditions are open to singers with previous choral experience and/or the ability to read music.  See Elmhurst Choral Union elmhurstchoralunion.org for more information about auditions.

Elmhurst Choral Union